May 26 - Psalm 139:17

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26 - Psalm 139:17

How precious to me are your thoughts, God! How vast is the sum of them! 

Think of the comparison that has been made here.  God knows everything about us and he loves us with a love that can not be measured.  We have such little thoughts while God’s are vast.  He is aware of every thought we have, yet we can not begin to comprehend those of the Lord’s.  We are his creation – he is our creator.

This Psalm spells out the great chasm that stands between us and God.  We are so small and he is infinite.

Yet … he loves us. He chose to create us.  It wasn’t an accident or a whim, it was a choice. He desires to walk among his children, so much so that when sin overran humanity, he sent his son to die to atone for those sins, so that once more, we would be able to enter into his presence.

How precious are his thoughts.  He thinks about us. His mind is ever on us. He cares for us and loves us. He breathes life into us and then at our death, brings us to himself in eternity.

How precious are his thoughts. He thinks about us. Can you begin to fathom the power of that notion? Can you see the gift of life that he has given to each of us?  Can you understand the vastness of his love?

How precious are his thoughts. He thinks about you.