October 6 - Psalm 24

Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6 - Psalm 24:1-10

Warren Wiersbe tells us "Jewish tradition says that this psalm was written to commemorate David’s returning the ark to Jerusalem (1 Chron. 13–15)." (from Wiersbe's 'Expository Outlines on the Old Testament.') Choirs would sing this in a call and answer format. Take a moment to imagine the entire assembly singing with everything they had in response to "Who is he, this King of Glory?" "The Lord Almighty - he is the King of glory."

This Psalm is going to be fun to discover.

Psalm 24:2 is a poetic re-creation of Genesis 1:9. David reminds us that before Creation, there was only God. He created the earth and it actually belongs to Him. We've taken a lot of liberties with His creation and many times we believe that when we own property, we actually remove ownership from God. But, our time on this earth is temporary. We are stewards of His creation.

There are a couple of different interpretations of Psalm 24:3-4. One interpretation is that it describes the necessary state of our hearts to be able to approach the throne of God. Another is that it is a predecessor to the question found in Revelation 5:2. The only answer to the question is Jesus Christ. He alone has clean hands and a pure heart. And only through Him do we become worthy to approach the throne.

Psalm 24:7-10 is a glorious song of praise. But, what does it mean?

As God filled the Ark with His presence, the people were celebrating His return to the city of Jerusalem. The gates that are spoken of are not horizontally opening doors. These are like the ancient portcullis, lifted open and dropped again to ensure the safety of the city.

Who is the King of glory? David was the King of Israel. How amazing for him to recognize that there was one so much greater than himself? Luke 1:33 gives Mary the promise that her son would be given the throne of David. I find it awesome, that in both Psalm 24:6 and Luke 1:33 we find the Israelites referred to the name, Jacob. His name change happened when he wrestled with God (Genesis 32:28), but the people of Israel always knew that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was the God who claimed them for His own.

Who is the King of glory? He is Jesus Christ, the victor in the final battle, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.