October 13 - Psalm 63

Monday, October 13, 2008

October 13 - Psalm 63:1-11

The inscription of Psalm 63 tells us that David is in the desert of Judah. This occurred when he was away from Jerusalem during Absalom's revolt (I Samuel 15:13-18).

Though I haven't spent much time in the desert, it is easy to imagine the life being drained from me with no water to restore me. David uses the immediacy of his location to transmit a beautiful idea. As his body was yearning for water, his soul was yearning for God.

Psalm 63:2-5. We saw this same desire for a return to worship in the sanctuary in Psalm 42:1-4. A longing to be in the presence of God, to hear His voice and be able to offer worship at His feet. The Tabernacle was the visible home of God on earth during the time of David. With the rending of the curtain in the temple at Jesus' death, our hearts became the home of God, His temple.

David knew, even then, that without the Tabernacle, he would continue to praise and worship the God who loved him more than life.

As I read this Psalm, it is apparent that David is speaking to God, not as a stranger, but as a close friend. The words that he uses, the images that he creates show the personal relationship that he has found with his Lord.

Psalm 63:6-8. We find David on his bed in a tent in the desert. Imagine that his eyes are closed and the only thing that is on his mind is the relationship he has with God. Even as he fears for his life, he is confident that God will stand beside him. He knows that God has called him into the role of the King. God will use his right hand to hold David up and offer the protection of his wings as David sings.

Do you know that confidence? Oh, He offers it to all of us.

In Psalm 63:11, the king is David himself. He will rejoice and will bring those with him before God in praise.

Think today, about your future - even if it is just tomorrow. Do you have confidence that God is there for your protection? If so, find words to praise Him!