October 27 - Psalm 136

Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27 - Psalm 136:1-26

I can't read the first verse of this Psalm without singing it. It was written for either two choirs to sing antiphonally or for the choir to sing the first line and the congregation to reply with "His love endures forever." It is also found in Psalm 106:1 and Psalm 118-1-4.

This is one of those things that I love about God's Word - the threads that flow through scripture. The sense of eternity and the solidity of God from before the beginning of the world to after the end comes. His love endures forever. Not his judgment, not His creation ... but His love.

We all want a 'forever' love. When we find the person that we fall in love with, we speak vows to love that person until death parts us, but that's not eternity. We hope that love will cross the boundary of death. But, God's love does endure forever ... from before we were created until long after our lives on earth have ceased.

Take a moment to read through this Psalm without the antiphonal response - just the poetry. This Psalm is easily broken down into just a few parts: Psalm 136:1-3 - God's status. He is Lord, He is God. Psalm 136:4-9 - God is Creator. Psalm 136:10-22 - God is Redeemer of Israel. Psalm 136:23-26 - God is our Protector.

This Psalm reminds the worshippers of God's presence during the Exodus. Many of them are still in exile. Psalm 136:23 speaks of their low estate - that means captivity. He reminds them that even while they were in captivity, God was with them. And as you read Psalm 136:25, consider the words from Matthew 6:25-26. Jesus says the same thing: God will provide for every living thing.

This week, I challenge you to find specific things for which you can praise God. Write them down. Then, in your prayer time, praise Him for those things ... and as you do, silently affirm them with 'His love endures forever.'