October 2 - Psalm 8

Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2 - Psalm 8:1-9

I don't often take time to read the inscriptions before the Psalms and I am upset that I don't question the words that are there. For instance, the word 'gittith.' Have you ever wondered what that means? It is found in the inscriptions to three Psalms (Psalm 8, 81 and 84). The word is related to the word 'gath' which means 'wine-press' and probably is used to signify a joyous occasion, a time when the vintage is being harvested. The Psalm is meant to be sung at such an occasion. Do you have one of those in your heart today?

Try to imagine the Psalmist sitting outside in the evening. The harvest is going well, there is satisfaction in his tone.

Sometimes I sit on the front stoop of my house late at night and look up at the sky. I see the stars, I feel a breeze. It is so easy to recognize God's hand at work in the universe. This is why Psalm 8 is one of my favorites. Michael W. Smith had written a worship song in the 80s around the first verse of this Psalm and when I am surrounded by the glories of nature, I sing it over and over.

Many years ago, I was in Canada with my father. He would wake me up at 4 am to go fishing. Fortunately, he did all the work, I just stumbled to the boat. For 45 minutes, we would travel to the spot that he knew would yield fish. We didn't talk, I was unable to form words, my brain was still pretty foggy. But, every moment on that lake was filled with this Psalm resounding in my mind. As the world around me awakened, the glory of God's creation came alive and seemed to sing with me.

Verses 4-8 (Psalm 8:4-8) speak of the 'son of man.' Could this really be Jesus Christ? Turn to Hebrews 2:6-9. It certainly is. Adam lost the dominion over the world. Romans 5:14 tells us that death reigned due to Adam's sin. But, Christ regains dominion over everything including death. To Him is given all glory and honor

Some days all that can be said, "O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!"

Find ways today that you can express that joyous gratefulness!