October 3 - Psalm 11

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3 - Psalm 11:1-7

David is being pursued - probably by Saul (read I Samuel 23:13-14). His friends advise him to fly like a bird to a mountain. David responds that he will rely on the Lord to rescue him. The foundations are crumbling around him. Law and order no longer prevail, the righteous man will soon be lost in the mire of the wicked.

At this point, David was still a young man, he had assurance from God that He was the man God desired to have on the throne of Israel. He knew that God would prevail and would protect him.

The comparison is quickly made between the loss of society's foundation on earth and the strength and power of God's throne in heaven. Saul was away from his throne, chasing David through the countryside. Saul was but a man, limited in his scope. By contrast, God is always on His throne, able to observe everything, the righteous and the wicked, bringing judgment and protection where it is needed.

I love reading about David's trust in God. While Saul was chasing him, David knew exactly what his relationship with God looked like. He wasn't trying to do things on his own, he wasn't going to allow his friends to talk him into running away. If God said that He would protect David, then God would protect David.

Many of us forget about that aspect of the relationship God wants to have with us. He desires our complete trust in Him - to provide protection as well as all of our needs. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 6:25-34 about God's desire to provide everything for us.

Along with reading Psalm 11, take the time to read I Samuel 23:13-14 so as to understand what David was thinking, as well as Matthew 6:25-34 for assurance that God's desire to provide for us far outweighs our desire to provide for ourselves.