October 19 - Psalm 90

Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 19 - Psalm 90:1-17

Yes, this is a Psalm written by Moses. The Moses that led the Israelites out of Egypt. It is the oldest Psalm in the Psalter. If you look at Deuteronomy 33:1, you will find that it uses the same terminology to describe the author.

Warren Wiersbe says that this prayer was probably written by Moses as he dealt with the wrath of God following the refusal of the Israelites to follow Moses and trust God as they left Kadesh Barnea. For 40 years they wandered in the desert because of their disobedience. They couldn't leave until all of that generation had passed away. As you read Psalm 91:7-11, consider Moses' thoughts, his agony and his disappointment. (Number 13-14 tells the story.)

I was trying to think of one person, one life that would exist for most of us from the day of our birth to the end of our life. I can think of some reasons (early death while our parents still live, etc.) but for the most part, people move in and out of our lives. In Psalm 90:1-2, we see God as the one solid foundation from generation to generation. Moses says in verse 1 that the Lord has been there through all generations. For me, it's one thing to know that the earth has been here since the beginning of time and will be here until the end of time. But God existed before this earth and will exist long after it perishes. And this God is the same one that reaches into the depths of our hearts ... your heart, my heart, to establish a personal relationship. That's almost more than I can fathom.

Moses, in Psalm 90:3-6, speaks of the frailty of man. In Psalm 90:10, he laments the speed at which life passes. You find Peter quoting this passage in 2 Peter 3:8.

Psalm 90:12 is highlighted in bright orange in my Bible. After Moses has spoken of the frailty of man and the speed of life on earth, it is quite seemly to remind us that these few, short days that we have available to us should be used well.

Psalm 90:13-17 finish this plea for God to forgive His people. Our days are short, we are a sinful people. The heart of wisdom that Moses prays for in Psalm 90:12 will be the heart that can still sing praise through it all. The heart filled with wisdom will set us into God's will as the work of our hands becomes the work of His hands.