December 8 - Luke 22:54-62

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Luke 22:54-62 – Peter Disowns Jesus

They arrested Jesus. Though many translations tell us they ‘seized’ Jesus, it is actually a technical term for arresting him. They took him to the high priest’s home. Matthew is the one who identifies Caiaphas, John identifies Annas first. This was probably the proper order, giving the Sanhedrin time to gather at the home of Caiaphas.

For point of reference, there is only one high priest at a time. Annas held the office before Caiaphas and since this was for life, he would have maintained the title, even though he did not perform as such. History tells us that Annas was high priest from 6-15 A.D., but continued to exert a great deal of influence after he relinquished the role.

Of all the disciples, it was only Peter who followed Jesus, but as soon as someone recognized him, he fell apart.

There are three instances of people whom Peter encounters. Jerusalem may have had a million people within its walls for Passover, but the news of Jesus’ arrest would have traveled very quickly. People knew who he was and they knew of his close friends.

Three times, Peter was accosted by those who recognized him as being part of Jesus’ band of travelers. Three times, Peter denied his association with Jesus.

When the rooster crowed, the Lord turned and looked at Peter. Luke uses the same word that John used in John 1:42, when he told how Jesus looked at Peter at their first meeting. Jesus looked at Peter with interest … with love … with concern. It was not an accusatory look, it was a look of love. Jesus knew Simon’s heart better than Simon knew himself.

Peter remembered Jesus’ words, left the courtyard, went away from the people who had gathered and wept. Alone, he was not strong enough to handle the intrusive nature of the world. Peter had one more lesson to learn. He could not do this on his own.