December 30 - Acts 2:22-36

Monday, December 30, 2013

Acts 2:22-36 – Peter’s Sermon

This is the heart of what Peter has to say. Beginning with a summary of God’s work in Jesus, he leads into the proof from Scripture – Psalm 16:8-11. Jesus Christ is the Messiah that the Jews had been waiting for and the resurrection that many of them were witness to is further proof of that. Finally, Peter points to Psalm 110:1 as proof that Jesus has been exalted to the right hand of God. He is Messiah and he is Lord.

Peter is also quite clear regarding Jesus’ humanity. In Acts 2:22, he begins by identifying Jesus with his hometown – Nazareth. Jesus is a man who performed wonders and signs from God. He was a man who was crucified and killed.

Jesus was man and he is Messiah and Lord.

It is an interesting conundrum that though the death of Jesus was part of God’s plan, the guilt laid on those who crucified and killed him is not lessened. Jesus spent his ministry trying to tell them that their hearts were hardened against God’s message and that this would bring them to their final doom, but they refused to listen. It led to the moment where they would prove their hatred for God by murdering his Son in the cruelest way possible. It wasn't the work of a few men, but the process of years and years of turning their backs on their Creator.

Christians find in Peter’s words the beginning of their belief. Here (Luke 2:32-33) we see the development of the Christian creed – the belief structure: Jesus was raised from the dead, he was exalted (ascended) into heaven and sits at the right hand of God. Jesus sent the gift of the Holy Spirit.