December 20 - Luke 24:25-35

Friday, December 20, 2013

Luke 24:25-35 – The Emmaus Story

The third part of this story begins as Jesus takes over the conversation. The two men are confused. They have lost hope and do not know where their faith will take them. We are reminded of the Transfiguration, when he says, “Was it not necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory?” (Luke 24:26)  Jesus, who was with Moses and Elijah on the Transfiguration mount, then explains the entirety of the journey he had taken as it was told in Scripture through Moses and the Prophets (Elijah was representative of them at the Transfiguration). His glory was revealed in the Old Testament and made real in his life on earth.  His suffering was part of the plan that began with Moses, moved through the Prophets and finalized at his death and resurrection.

The ancient gift of hospitality prompted these two men to invite the stranger to stay with them. The day had passed and darkness was coming. He joined them and at dinner, when he blessed the bread and broke it, giving it to them, he revealed himself to these men. As soon as they recognized him for who he truly was, he vanished.  They immediately recognized that their hearts recognized him while he spoke, even if their eyes did not.

The fourth part of the story comes as the men change their travel plans and return to Jerusalem. It was still the Day of Resurrection when they found the Eleven. The two witnesses confirmed the resurrection of Jesus and explained what had happened on the road and how God had opened their eyes when they broke bread together.