December 27 - Acts 1:21-26

Friday, December 27, 2013

Acts 1:21-26 – Choosing Matthias

It could be argued that Jesus had chosen the original twelve disciples and the group which would be the foundation for Christianity should stand as is, but there was much more to this than a select group of witnesses to the ministry of the Messiah.

The Twelve represent the eschatological Israel. This is the transition from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant, the representation of Israel to the entire world.  The mission that Israel had failed to achieve was taking the message of God’s love and power beyond themselves. With Jesus’ arrival on earth, that mission was now set in place and it finally had been given definition. Jesus brought about the kingdom of God on earth as a precursor to the time when the New Heaven and the New Earth in which God would be able to walk among his people would replace the existing earth. No longer would sin have any power over God’s creation.

The twelve disciples, as the foundation for that mission needed to be complete. For that to happen, the one to replace Judas was chosen from those who had followed Jesus and witnessed everything that had occurred during his ministry from the time he was baptized by John the Baptist until the Ascension.

The choice came down to two men and before they did anything else, they entire group prayed together, acknowledging God’s power in the choice. Leaving it up to God, they cast lots, thereby eliminating any human involvement in the choice.

The twelfth witness to the life of the Lord was chosen. It was the last thing that needed to be done … except for prayer.