December 2 - Luke 22:7-13

Monday, December 2, 2013

Luke 22:7-13 – Last Supper Preparations

Mary and Joseph ended up in a stable because there were so many people traveling through the region at the time of Jesus’ birth. The governor’s census caused the world to turn upside down. He came into the world with no preparations made for his arrival. It was a simple moment for two young people and a moment that changed the world.

Before the Last Supper, Jesus and his disciples had spent time outside the city walls, but this moment was going to be another to change the world. Thousands and thousands of people were traveling into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Every room in the city would be occupied.

But God always provides. Preparations were made so that the small group of disciples would have not only a place to share the meal together, but they also needed to prepare the meal itself. The lamb had to be sacrificed, the unleavened bread consecrated and the rest of the food for the feast also had to be prepared. They did not just walk into the upper room and sit down to something that magically showed up in front of them.

It was Peter and John to whom Jesus gave this responsibility.

There is another interesting point to be taken from the charge he gave to his two trusted disciples. He told them to find a man carrying a jar of water and then follow him to the location of the large upper room. Rather than simply describe the house where they would meet or give an address, Jesus gave them cryptic instructions.

Because we are so unaware of the rituals and customs surrounding the Passover during Jesus’ time, we miss that Jesus’ cryptic instructions actually made sense to Peter and John. According to Godet, “On the evening of the 13th (Passover), before the stars appeared in the heavens, every father, according to Jewish custom, had to repair to the fountain to draw pure water with which to knead the unleavened bread. It was, in fact, a rite which was carried through to the words: “This is the water of unleavened bread.” Then a torch was lighted, and during some following part of the night the house was visited, and searched in every corner, to put away the smallest vestige of leaven.”

These instructions, though, ensured that this last evening together would still be protected. He knew of Judas’ plan to turn him over to the authorities and he still had things that needed to be done and things that needed to be said. He sent Peter and John. They prepared for Passover.

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