November 6 - Luke 15:11-32

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Luke 15:11-32 – Prodigal Son

The story of the Prodigal Son is quite well known and has been preached and taught many times. There isn't much more to learn about it, but it will always be a powerful story of grace and compassion, forgiveness and restoration.

Along with the stories of the lost sheep and the lost coin, the story celebrates the return of a lost son. Great rejoicing occurs when the son who was gone returns.  The second half of the story tells of the sour attitude of the elder brother who never left the home and stayed in order to work alongside his father.

The thing about this story is that the position of the elder son was never threatened. His attitude is what demeans his position in his father’s eyes.

In direct contrast to the elder son’s behavior, the father kept a hopeful, vigilant eye out for the return of the young son. Hoping every day that the boy would come to his senses, the father’s compassion drives him to keep an eye out and when he saw the boy from far off, he knew that there was an opportunity for restoration of the relationship.

Now, the beautiful thing in this story was that when the older son realized what was happening and refused to go in to the party celebrating his brother’s return, the father went out to him, hoping to repair that relationship as well.

With words of love, patience and compassion, the father welcomed both sons.

God’s compassion is boundless.