November 23 - Luke 20:9-19

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Luke 20:9-19 – Parable of the Tenants

It isn't difficult to see that Jesus is accusing the chief priests and the teachers of the law of being the wicked tenants in this parable. They have beaten and tossed out the servants of the owner and when the son arrives to check on the vineyard, they kill him in order to keep the inheritance for themselves.  Their naivete regarding the actions of the owner of the vineyard is startling.

Jesus no longer hid in the shadows, waiting for people to understand who he was. He was in Jerusalem now. He knew how his life and ministry on earth would end and he was confident of where it would lead. Everything that he did and said was as obvious as necessary to bring the people of Israel back to a relationship with God.

With this parable, Jesus once again declares his authority as the Son of God. He takes imagery from Isaiah 5:1-7 – Israel is the vineyard and God is its caretaker.

In Luke 20:17-18, Jesus also quotes Psalm 118:22. He is the foundation stone for God’s kingdom. He is the focal point by which judgment will come and it is by him and through him that all might be saved.

The teachers of the law and the chief priests were beginning to focus their anger. They were setting plans into motion. To deal with him, they would have to find a way to arrest him first. Their fear of the people was still great, but their fear of Jesus’ teaching was greater. Time was on their side and they could wait.