November 27 - Luke 21:1-4

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Luke 21:1-4 – The Widow’s Offering

Jesus, in speaking to his disciples, points out the difference of the widow’s offering and that of the rich. While we might be more apt to appreciate the quantity of a gift, the quality is so much more important.

Jesus had just referred to widows in Luke 20:46. The leaders of the Israelites took advantage of them in many ways, when it was expressly commanded that they should care for widows and orphans.

In this instance, the widow gave out of her love and gratitude toward God, trusting that He would then provide for her. It wasn’t just her gift, but it was the faith surrounding this gift which was most important to Jesus. When the widow placed her gift in the treasury box, it was more than just money, it was her heart, her life. It was everything that she had.

This woman epitomized the life that Jesus spoke of in Luke 12. Her treasure was in heaven, she was not anxious about things and she sought the kingdom of God above all else.  All of the teaching that Jesus had done on the power of wealth and possessions and the hold they have on us is condensed into this story.

The woman with very little in earthly goods held a great deal of heaven in her heart.