November 19 - Luke 19:11-27

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Luke 19:11-27 – Ten Minas

This is the end of the travel narrative that began in Luke 9:51. Everyone is getting excited to some degree or another to be close to Jerusalem. Their long journey is at an end and the disciples still do not understand what their Lord will face and how their lives will change.

This story is more than just a parable … it has its foundation in history. Archelaus, the son of Herod the Great had gone to Rome. The purpose of his visit was to gain permission to reign as  a ‘client-king’ over a territory that was part of Rome’s empire. His own subjects opposed his reign and many had followed him to Rome to ensure that his petition would fail.

In the spiritual realm, Jesus was also telling his own story. He was returning to heaven until the time came for him to reign on earth, but those who would be his subjects … the Jews … rejected him, even though his qualifications were perfect.

Jesus continues to reiterate several themes that have been prevalent throughout his journey. First of all, he speaks to his rejection by the prominent Jews of the day. He preaches about the return of the master – the return of the Son of Man. It might be delayed, but it will happen. Finally, he preaches one more time on the proper use of wealth and possessions.

The tale of the ten talents – or minas – has been told over and over. We know that we must invest wisely the things of the Spirit. When we share the gospel … we increase the kingdom of God.

Jesus’ final words in this parable tell us that in the last days, those with faith will find it ever increased and those who continue to reject him will have less than they ever did.