November 16 - Luke 18:31-34

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Luke 18:31-34 – The Third Day

This is the third time in the gospel of Luke that Jesus predicts his death. The first in Luke 9:22 and then again in Luke 9:43-45. We also received many reminders along Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem – Luke 12:50; 13:32-33; 17:25). Luke intentionally made his readers aware that the trip to Jerusalem was the path of the cross. However, as many times as Jesus tells them what is to happen, they still do not fully understand. They will not see the power of his words until after it was finished.

Jesus needed his twelve closest friends to understand what was about to happen. As they got closer and closer to the city, he felt the time with them growing shorter and shorter. He knew what was coming and in saying these words to the Twelve, he attempted to make their memory of it easier. He knew they wouldn’t understand his words when they were spoken, but he also knew that they would remember these moments.

In John 13:19, Jesus says to them, “I am telling you this now, before it takes place, that when it does take place you may believe that I am he.”

Everything that was written by the prophets will be fulfilled. All of the Old Testament prophecies are wrapped up in one statement by Jesus. For the first time, Jesus acknowledges that the work will be done by the Gentiles. Everything in the Old Testament was pointing to the climactic moment.

This conversation with Jesus’ disciples began in 9:21-22 with Jesus prediction of the end and now it is finished. Everything that we have read between then and now, should be understood as Jesus’ teaching those who would hear him, about the kingdom of God in light of his coming passion.

The end is rapidly approaching and the disciples don’t fully understand, but a day will come when they remember his words, write them down and when they will be grateful for his words of love, compassion and grace.