February 6 – The Vintner’s Son

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 6 – The Vintner’s Son

“Then the owner of the vineyard said, ‘What shall I do? I will send my son, whom I love; perhaps they will respect him’ (Luke 20:13).

Jesus had a story to tell to the Jewish leadership and they weren't going to like it.

The owner of a vineyard rented it out and when he came back from his sojourn, sent a servant to collect some of the fruit.  The tenants beat the servant and sent him back with nothing.  The owner sent another servant. He was beaten, as was a third servant. Finally, the owner sent his son, hoping the tenants would respect this son whom the owner loved.  But, not these tenants. The chose instead to kill the son, thinking they would receive the inheritance instead.

Then Jesus said to the leadership, “After they killed the son who was loved by his father, what do you suppose the father will do?  He will destroy the tenants and give the vineyard to someone else.”

Well, the Jewish leadership had pretty good insight.  They were astounded that the owner would do such a thing.  For thousands of years, they had been chosen out of all the world to be God’s people.  They didn't understand the frustration that they had caused God, though.  They thought that if they held to the letter of the law, God would be satisfied, even though all through their Holy Scriptures, God told them over and over again that their sacrifices were worth nothing if their hearts weren't involved.

When they worshiped other gods and allowed the destruction of the prophets and leaders throughout the centuries, God was paying attention.  Herod had just beheaded John the Baptist at the request of his wife, because she was so angry that John would call her out for adultery.

Not only was Jesus prophesying about His own death at the hands of these same leaders, but he told them God would share their inheritance with others. We are the others.  We are the ones whom God has asked to be His emissaries to the world.

We should not squander such an opportunity.