October 27 – Luke 12:54-59

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Luke 12:54-59 – Interpreting the Times

Even in the days of Jesus, people watched the weather like a hawk and attempted to predict what was going to happen. The Weather Channel would have been a hot ticket item in any generation!

Jesus told them that they not only knew what the weather would hold, but they ordered their lives accordingly. They paid close attention to the signs of the weather so as to know what to do with their days.

As good as they are at predicting weather patterns, they refuse to understand how to interpret the present activities of Jesus. This is a culture that has been waiting centuries for the arrival of the Messiah and yet, they don’t recognize him when he is right there in front of them. For that matter, those that might recognize him refuse to accept him for who he is.

Remember, it was Herod who brought in the Wise Men from the East to interpret the signs. It was the Shepherds of Bethlehem who heard the news from the angels. Simeon and Anna recognized the babe as the Messiah in the Temple grounds. Zechariah, John the Baptist’s father prophesied regarding his own son and the one who would follow.  And then … John the Baptist preached repentance in preparation for Jesus’ arrival and at the Lord’s baptism, the dove of the Holy Spirit touched on his head and God spoke from heaven.

There were signs … and the hypocrites who could interpret the wind could not interpret the present times.

The parable of the trip to the magistrate is Jesus’ way of explaining how important it is to interpret the present time correctly.  This is the moment, he was telling them. This is the moment … when you are on the way to the magistrate. Figure it out for yourself. Your time is up.  Be reconciled. Repent!  The time is now. Do not wait.

Be reconciled today.