October 10 – Luke 9:37-45

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Luke 9:37-45 – Healing a Boy with an Evil Spirit

This chapter has had some pretty big events and some profound revelations. All of a sudden, Luke drops back to tell about a boy who is possessed by an evil spirit.

Jesus and his three disciples have come down from the mountain. It is the next day and the experience is behind them. The crowd was waiting and all of a sudden a man calls out for help. Luke 9:38 tells us that he asks Jesus to ‘look’ at his son. In this instance, the word ‘look’ or ‘gaze’ is one of a miracle worker. All they had to do was gaze upon someone for the healing to occur.

The man is terrified of what is happening to his son. It was not only dangerous, but brought shame on his family. He describes the illness and then accuses the disciples of failing to heal the boy. Luke doesn't spend much time discussing this, he only relates the event. Of much greater importance to Luke is the power of Jesus Christ.

Jesus responds by accusing the crowd … not just his disciples … of unbelief and perversity. He speaks to ‘this generation’ several times in Luke’s gospel. In Luke 11:29-32; 11:49-51; 17:25 and then in Acts 2:40.

He heals the boy after the child has one more convulsion and the people were amazed.

While the crowd is otherwise occupied, Jesus tells his disciples that he will be betrayed. He had just spoken with Moses and Elijah about his departure from earth and he needed to tell the Twelve what he would be experience.  While everyone was marveling at the miracle he just performed, now the Disciples were confused.

At the Transfiguration, the tide shifted in Jesus’ ministry. Before this point, he was focused on his ministry, now he begins to focus on the end.