October 26 – Luke 12:49-53

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Luke 12:49-53 – Not Peace, But Division

Jesus well understood that his coming to earth was the brand which would light a fire. This fire would burn throughout the hearts of all humanity. This isn't the fire of the Holy Spirit, but of spiritual awareness that would awaken throughout the world.

He remarks that he wishes it were already kindled, but that is going to require a baptism and that baptism occurs at his crucifixion and resurrection.

From that point forward, the spiritual awakening will split people from each other. People will find themselves on opposite sides of spirituality … there is no room for complacency with Jesus. You either believe in Him as Savior, or you do not. He has given us no room to believe anything else. We can’t say that he is a good man or a good prophet. He has declared himself Lord of all and we must agree or disagree.

This division will split families and nations, friendships and will be felt by every person alive. Until he returns there will be no peace regarding his Lordship. This is not a peaceful act … He is a burning fire.

As Christians, we must understand that this division can not be broken down until the day of his return. We can’t force peace upon the world, the world is unable to accept it. We can’t force unity, there is no possibility of it occurring. We can only encourage love and continue to spread the message of Jesus’ gospel.

There will be division, Jesus ignited it and only He can bring it to cessation.