July 4 - Setting Up the Tabernacle

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4 - Setting Up the Tabernacle
Exodus 40:1-33

It was time to set up the Tabernacle.  Moses had inspected it and everything that was to go inside (Exodus 39:32-41) and had blessed it.

Imagine the excitement that pervaded the Israelite encampment.  Every person had been involved in building this – from crafting the curtains, tanning the hides, casting the bronze, silver and gold, weaving the curtains, building the poles, making the table, lampstand, ark and altars to gathering offerings.

The frame was setup, the tent and coverings were spread over it.  Moses put the Testimony into the ark, attached the poles and carried it into the tabernacle, then hung the curtain and shielded the ark.  He placed the table and the lampstand, the gold altar and the altar of burnt offering, then the basin and filled it with water.

He called Aaron and his sons to be washed and dressed, anointing them and consecrating them as priests to serve the Lord.

Then Moses set up the courtyard around the tabernacle, put up the curtain and finished the work.

The tabernacle was set up and ready to go … what happens next?

That will happen in tomorrow’s post.