December 24 - The Magi, Part 2 - Matthew 2:1-12

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24 - The Magi, Part 2 - Matthew 2:1-12

The Magi didn't actually go to Herod for quite some time. They came into Jerusalem and began asking questions about this new King. I doubt that it took long for word to get back to the palace. In Matthew 2:3, not only was King Herod disturbed but all of Jerusalem with him. The people had no idea what was going on. He was not favored by any means, but having foreigners come into town declaring that a king was born might have been a little confusing.

Two of the portions of the Sanhedrin were the priests and teachers of the law (scribes). These men would know more about the prophecies regarding the Messiah than anyone else. Herod didn't take long to draw them together. When he had done that, he posed the question to them "Where is the Messiah (Christ) to be born?"

Oh, it didn't take long for them to respond. They knew the answer to this question. They quoted scripture from Micah 5:2 and told him that the prophecy proclaimed Bethlehem as the birthplace of the Messiah.

Matthew 2:7 says that King Herod met with the Magi secretly. His motive was to figure out exactly when the star had appeared and the child had been born. He then sent them to gain more informatino for him regarding the birth.

This star was no ordinary star. It came from the east and then traveled with them until it not only stopped over Bethlehem, but directly over the home where Jesus and his family were residing. Notice that they are no longer in the stable, but are in a home at this point.

These wise men were overjoyed (Matthew 2:10) and recognized immediately the power of the King as they bowed down to worship Him. Gentiles, Magi, Persians. These men did not have to be converted to Judaism to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

They avoided Jerusalem on their return trip. Herod was frustrated in this attempt to discern the whereabouts of the child.

It's Christmas Eve. May all the blessings of a life filled with Christ's love be yours and may the joy of knowing this child intimately as your Savior fill your heart as you celebrate His nativity.