December 20 - Simeon

Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 20 - Simeon - Luke 2:25-28

Before we get to Simeon's song of praise, I want to spend a day just looking at the man.

In Luke 2:25, we read that he was righteous and devout. In Luke 2:26, we find that the Holy Spirit had assured him that he would see the Lord's Christ (the Messiah) before he died. In Luke 2:27, we find Him allowing the Spirit to move him to the temple courts and in Luke 2:28, Simeon knows immediately who the Messiah is and gathers him into his arms.

The picture that we find is of a man whose life completely relied on the Holy Spirit and who made himself fully available to the movement of that Spirit in his life. We have just a few verses in Scripture to meet him, but I wonder at the life that he led and the impact that he had on the people around him. I think of some of the 'devout' people that I've known in my life and through direct or indirect contact with them, I am the person that I am today.

Not only was Simeon righteous and devout, he was known as a man who was waiting for the consolation (redemption) of Israel. He had read the prophecy and believed that it was true. He lived his life in preparation for this prophecy to come to fruition. What do we need to do so that people we associate with recognize the importance of the coming of the Messiah in our lives?

It is so easy to believe that prophecy regarding the second coming of Christ is something that will happen far in the future, but Jesus calls us to be ready at a moment's notice. Are you ready? What will it take for you to be prepared for that day? Have you done all that you can in preparation? Consider the warnings that Jesus, Paul, Peter and John gave on being prepared. Remember that John the Baptist came to preach a gospel of repentance and forgiveness prior to Christ's appearance.

God had given a special revelation to Simeon regarding the fact that he would see the Messiah before he died. It wasn't because he gave all of his money to the poor or to the church, though he might have done that. It wasn't because he was a good family man, though he probably was. It wasn't because of outward proclamations of his piety. Simeon's life had been one of righteousness and devotion to God. He lived through the spirit of the law. What an amazing reward!

The day came, the Spirit moved him to go into the temple courts. He obeyed. God knew that this servant would be obedient to the Spirit's movement in his life. This was the day that the Messiah would come to the Temple. Simeon was there. He didn't have to search for the family or ask questions of Mary to find the child, he simply had to obey.

Oh Lord ... let my life be one of obedience to your will so that I can be in the presence of the Lamb, the Messiah.