February 10. Love is Not Self-seeking

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 10. Love is Not Self-seeking

What is more important - to be right or to be in a relationship?

We live in a world of one-upmanship, where it is so difficult for us to settle back and allow another to be at the top of the heap.  If they make an error, we must point it out to them, if they sin we must ensure that they know we caught it and will never forget. If they Great errors, mistakes, sins, must be punished publicly so that we can all feel better about the things that we hide from the world.

It is much more important to set ourselves forward than it is to take a second or third or even a fourth position in obscurity so as to lift another up.

Who do you know that needs encouragement and needs to be given strength and support.  Who are you competing with  that might need you to back off so they can finally get a win in their life?  Who is it that needs you to set everything aside and give them the stage?  Who simply needs you to leave all that you feel behind and open your heart in love and prayer?