January 27 - Nathan

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27 - Nathan

I really don’t like having to confront people about their mistakes.  I’d much rather encourage them into good behavior.  Consequently, management is not something that I excel at.  It only took a little bit of study into Old Testament prophets to decide that I would have been terrible at that as well.

Nathan was there to approve of David’s plan to build the temple. However, then he heard from the Lord that David would not be the one to build the temple, that would fall to David’s son, a man of peace.  Nathan had to deliver those words to David, but was also able to deliver the prophecy that David’s reign (through his descendants) would last forever (2 Samuel 7).

Then came David’s poor decision making regarding Bathsheba.  He saw a gorgeous woman, wanted her and gave no thought to the sin he committed when he had her, then had her husband, Uriah, killed.  Nathan had to deal with his king because his God wouldn’t let this pass.

He told David a story about a rich man who stole the only lamb of a poor man.  The king ordered that the rich man be put to death and Nathan identified the king himself as that thief.  David figured it out and repented and wrote an extraordinarily beautiful Psalm (Psalm 51) to God pleading for mercy and repenting of his sin.

We see Nathan again when David is dying.  David’s son, Adonijah was plotting to become king.  Nathan and Bathsheba went before the king to remind him of his promise to his son (by Bathsheba), Solomon.  David declared that Solomon would succeed him (1 Kings 1).