November 3 - Inheritance

Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3 - Inheritance - I Peter 1:3-7

The Christians that Peter wrote to were just beginning to face the waves of persecution that were to come. As you read through these letters, Peter continually calls his readers to submission in the face of trials. They had much to face, these people were scattered among the pagans and to stand for faith in Christ meant that many times they stood alone.

Paul speaks of this inheritance in Romans 8:17-18. We are children of the King. This inheritance is imperishable, undefiled and unfading. It is kept for us in heaven.

Max and I received an inheritance from his mother who passed away last year. There was a lot of stress over this bit of money. A long wait to receive it, what to do with it once we did receive it. Fortunately there was no reason for the family to argue over it, but that can easily happen within families. The inheritance that is offered to us comes to us through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As he lives again, we are offered life and inheritance from the Creator.

Peter is quite certain of the revelation of salvation that will happen in the last days. This will not be the last time he speaks of it. His words are written to assure his readers (that includes us) that though we face trials now, those trials happen for just a short time. Life extends far beyond the 80 or so years we live on this earth.

Have you ever considered that your faith is worth considerably more than gold? (1 Peter 1:7) You see, trial by fire refines our faith. Refinement by fire can destroy gold ... our faith will be proven to be genuine.

When mom died, I was pretty shaken up. I remember talking to a friend and telling her that my greatest fear was that I would be shaken from my faith because of the trauma of the loss. I was thankful for her reassurance and her prayers. But, my faith was not going away ... I relied on it to get me through that and many other situations.

I have spent hours screaming at God, pleading, begging, wondering, crying ... all of that based on the fact that I have a relationship with Him. One that allows me to have feelings. Because of that relationship, my faith has grown.

Praise, glory and honor in the revelation of Jesus Christ. I look forward to that day!